Hunarmand India

About Us

Hunarmand India is an Online Portal which helps skilled Youth, Enterprises & Skill Training Institutes to come, join and promote one another towards making India a "Skilled Nation" through Skill Development.


Most of you must have done atleast your 10th level education. Even some of you would have done your graduation. But to get employed your near & dear ones suggest you to acquire a HUNAR (Skill Training) and you join ITIs and VTIs to get trained. After being trained its backed to square one. No job. Here's how HUNARMAND INDIA can help you Come and Register with us and become part of your district's Skill Inventory where thousands of local jobs can find your profile and you can find your job.


You may be owning or running a Large/ Meduim/ Small Enterprise. Doesn't matter whichever business you are into, your business still needs much of the activities to be done by HUNARMANDS (skilled candidates). It is often seen that your business suffers from scarcity of trained candidates and to move on you often get settled with untrained or less educated ones refered by someone. Ultimately you end up paying more and getting less. Hunarmand India helps you by providing skilled candidates trained by National Standards in your own District once Registered with us.